Worldwide Audio Distribution From Aurovine - How It Works

What is worldwide audio distribution?

Have you ever wondered how artists get their music into the itunes or Amazon store? The worldwide audio distribution service from Aurovine allows you to distribute your music across all the major digital music retailers. We take care of Barcodes, ISRC numbers and all the uploading. We'll send you monthly statements and best of all we'll pay you a fantastic percentage based on the type of package you've chosen from the packages available here

How can worldwide audio distribution work for me?

Aurovine has developed relationships with large digital distributors and websites all over the world to help sell our artists music in return for a small commission. By opting into our sync licensing programme you could potentially generate significant amounts of income over and above your normal independent sales.

Where will my music be available?

It will be available on all sites that we feel give artists a good return, including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and more. Your music can also be available on Spotify and certain streaming services. Although Spotify does not compensate artists very well, a lot of our users see it as a kind of 'radio' to give their music further exposure. If you would like to opt out of the streaming services you can opt in to our Aurovine EX label system which does not distribute to the the streaming music platforms. If you want your music to be available on the streaming platforms then please select the standard Aurovine label system when you opt in.

How does it work?

You must control the mechanical and publishing rights to your music. Or (for labels) control the mechanical and publishing rights to your catalogue. If you are an independent artists without a label, you will likely control these rights for your original compositions. If you are signed to a label on Aurovine, they will be able to opt in to worldwide distribution for you.

What about copyright?

As above, you need to control the mechanical and publishing rights to your music. (Yes this does mean that we can't accept any cover versions for distribution purposes).

How is the money collected?

We will send you monthly statements of sales and will pay you by paypal monthly once there is $10 or more in your account.

How do i sign up?

Please see our worldwide audio licensing terms and conditions here. You will automatically have the option to opt into worldwide audio distribution for any albums or tracks you upload to Aurovine by purchasing a monthly paid account or a one off release fee. Please see here for more details.